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Hidden Cortex Web Design Services –  web design in Manchester

Hidden Cortex Web Design Services are a web and graphic design agency based in Manchester. We have a passion for creative design, marketing campaigns and website development. Hidden Cortex sites are affordable, totally custom and tailor designed to suit your business.

We provide responsive bespoke websites, custom WordPress CMS themes and plugins, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Logo design / Graphic design, Social Media Development/Marketing, Banner Advertising, Audio composition, Email marketing and Illustration to name a few.

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With years of professional experience you will get a site that is custom built for your needs, see what others say here.

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No matter what the project, you get full support and we aim to reply to all emails within 6 hours.

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Once your project is confirmed, it WILL be on time and on budget, simply no exception .

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We have the skills to build a site that will impress, see Our Work to find out more.

Past Projects



After working with the company Watergate Flood Solutions Ltd. on another project for their Composite Flood Doors site, they then asked me to design and build this site into a WordPress theme for them.

Watergate Flood Solutions were happy with the design and layout of the site, but wanted the functionality of a WordPress site to allow them to fully access and edit website material. With this is mind Hidden Cortex used the present styling and developed a new responsive WordPress theme. Not only did we redevelop the site to now be responsive and use WordPress as a CMS, Hidden Cortex also integrated a custom admin page that allowed Watergate to add and change the homepage images whenever they wanted. Also a custom ‘Products’ pages that lists everything the company offers, this has already proven to drive more traffic and improve sales.

Visit Watergate site

Mary Charman-Smith

The extremely creative teacher/writer Mary Charman-Smith wanted to up-date her old site, she wanted to be able to upload her own material and promote her monthly poetry competition. Mary approached Hidden Cortex to completely revamp her site and I was more than happy to help.

I firstly developed Mary’s new logo and made sure this took centre place on the homepage. I then built a totally custom WordPress theme, it is completely responsive, meaning it will look great on all screen sizes and developed a great images slider that is easily customizable. I also added a very interactive footer and a pop-up contact form.

Please click below to visit the site.


Rebellion Bar Manchester

I enjoyed everything about this project. I was able to work with two very hard working co-founders of the Rebellion Bar business who knew what they wanted and was not afraid to tell!

After meeting and discussing the design of the site, I was able to show them the full working progress as I moved the site from HTML to full WordPress CMS and developed it into a responsive site that looks great on all media devices. I also develop a wordpress voting system for the site and their yearly battle of the bands competition, this allowed visitors to both listen to all the gorups and vote on their favorite one.

Rebellion Bar Site

Aarav’s – Promo. Flyers

Another project with the amazing charity ‘Aarav’s Little Help’, after developing their logo and custom responsive WordPress site, the charity wanted me to design their latest promotional flyers.

I used the fundamental colours throughout the site to develop an attractive flyer, with fun graphics that reflect the company. It also highlights the main mission and details of the charity.

Aarav’s Little Help

This was a tremendously rewarding project for the Aarav’s Little Help charity and the great work they do for children with horrible diseases. Hidden Cortex built the site from the ground up, completely revamping their old site. This included charity logo, favicon and the full responsive web site.

The site is build using Bootstrap 3 technology, meaning it is fully responsive and looks great across all platforms. There is a homepage slider, allowing for easy uploading of images and information, also we made great use of Fancy Box pop-ups for the site’s contact page. Moreover, a custom ‘Theme Options’ page build by Hidden Cortex, so all elements of the site have stress-free functionally for the user.

Aarav’s Little Help

Soviet Design Project

A WordPress theme that I developed. After visiting and living in Russia for a few months, I became fascinated with the design used by the Soviets during the time of the USSR. The “Workers” design with striking colours, powerful iconic figures and the over used hammer and sickle seemed a great idea for a site. The site includes Blog post footer, stand out social icons, ‘Fancy-box’ image opening styles for a dramatic media experience and drop-down menu.

In addition to this I develop a user friendly ‘Theme Options’ page within the WordPress CMS. This allows the user to easily add images and other media to the theme’s slider and other specified areas of the site without any coding needed.


The KV-Petersburg project was a great learning curve for me. A great oversea project with a Russia real estate company based in St. Petersburg. I was able to build upon my knowledge of CMS systems like WordPress, but also centre this around the need to search in great detail for different properties listed.

The co-founders of the company asked me to develop the site from the ground-up… starting with the logo! The site is based around a custom built WordPress theme, allowing the business to easily add and remove property listings and take full control of the site after it was developed and completed. I used Fancy-box to add dramatic images and media and build this along side the detailed search options allowing the user to quickly find the right property of them.

KV-Peterburga Site

John Smith Fans

John Smith Fans was a personal project started in 2011, the purpose was to build on my own web knowledge and to advance my learning. Moreover develop a site for an amazing British artist that, who’s material I truly loved. The site officially launched in January 2012. Over the next few years John Smith Fans UK picked up traction and became a small community website, with growing but loyal hub of regular users. Through this I was able to get in touch with John Smith’s manager and keep a close relationship regarding gigs and tour dates for John, an achievement I am greatly proud of.

John Smith Fans Site

The Music Espionage

In an effort to aid my teaching and develop my students knowledge of music technology, I developed a website showcasing all my own resources that are accessible to learners. This project meant I had to liaise closely with our audience at the design stage for effective usability.

I was able to develop my own Word-Press theme with a bespoke design. This is an ongoing project and has led to high site traffic levels and carful SEO strategies.

The Music Espionage Site


The project was a real learning curve for me, but very enjoyable and rewarding. The Console World Company contacted me to design and built a totally custom site, all built around WordPress as a CMS. The company also wanted to be able to sell their gaming consoles straight from their online store, which was set-up so they can easily list and promote these items.

The site is fully responsive, which means their viewers get a great experience no matter what screen size they view from. It makes use of an attractive image slider on the homepage, along with Fancy-Box pop-up images and contact form. The site makes extensive use of a completely bespoke ‘shop’ page where consoles and other products are listed, this is alongside a tailored ‘item’ page where customers can leave comments, rate products and save details.

Console-World site

Composite Flood Doors

The company Watergate Flood Solutions Ltd wanted their Composite Flood Doors website modernizing and moved across to the CMS platform WordPress. Hidden Cortex developed the WordPress theme from the ground-up and made it totally custom to fit the needs of the company.

The site is fully responsive using the Bootstrap framework, so whatever device their customers view the site from it will alter and transform to fit the screen size. Call to Action buttons on the homepage lead traffic to new products and services, the image slider allows for latest news and deals to be communicated straightaway and the Contact Us has all the details clients will need.

The site was designed with a clean and modern look with careful selection of colours and fonts to match and promote the brand identity and distinctiveness.

Visit Composite Flood Doors site

Aylett Nurseries

Working with EAB this was a design project creating a brand new look and feel for Aylett Nurseries website. They wanted a modern, clean design that most importantly allowed their customers to easily find the plants and garden tools they wanted.

The site is design to be completely mobile friendly, encouraging users to use all devices to view content and meaning it will look great no matter what screen size you view it from. A homepage image slider allows latest deals and offers to be promoted, along with integrated Sign-up form and forthcoming events news. Product pages are carefully coordinated so all categories are displayed in accordance with the products/items and the Search function allow greater navigation of the site.

Visit Aylett Nurseries website


Chick (Charles) contacted Stuart and Hidden Cortex as his old Anvilding website felt very dated and didn’t suit his needs. A must from the very beginning was that the site needed an integrated calendar to show when Chick has talks/presentations and let his clients know when he is free and available for bookings.

The Anvilding website makes use and fully integrates The Events Calendar plugin by Modern Tribe. This allows a very friendly experience of both inputting new events through the WordPress CMS and also allowing site visitors to search for up and coming talks by Chick.

The site is carefully built with mobile and tablet devices in mind and completely responsive, meaning it will look good no matter what device you are viewing from. The homepage has an image slider, this is fully customizable through WordPress, also a really use contact page with Google maps.

Visit Anvilding Website site


The very talented artist Margaret Yuill got in touch with Hidden Cortex after her old website for her art business, Martyart,  suddenly went down. Margaret drastically wanted a revamp and needed something totally custom that was both fun and reflected her imaginative artwork.

Hidden Cortex completed a full redeveloped the whole of Martyart, starting with a entirely new logo, adding a lot more colour and fun! The site is a bespoke wordpress theme that makes full use of this CMS. The homepage makes use of a fully responsive image-slider that links with the wordpress dashboard, this allowing Margaret to add and change images whenever she wants. The site is mobile friendly and had numerous custom page styles. All this giving a professional and expert look to the business and all completed at a very reasonable price.

Visit Martyart site

UK Flood Defense Alliance

The UK Flood Defense Alliance wanted a completely new branding and website for their new e-commerce business. Hidden Cortex firstly designed and developed the company’s logo, this reflecting the true nature of the business. From here we moved onto building the fully responsive site with integrated e-commerce shopping cart and payment methods.

UKFDA users and customers have the ability to pay through Barclays gateway, Paypal and bank transfer. All this on top of a site that makes full use of WordPress as a CMS, pop-up images and contact forms and a detailed catalogue for all their online resources.

Visit UK Flood Defense Alliance site

Mary Dhonau Consultants

Mary contacted Hidden Cortex looking to completely redevelop her old website, Mary Dhonau Consultants. She wanted something that was easy to update and add new material whenever SHE wanted, and not need a web developer every time.

The site is built around the easy functionally of WordPress, with a totally custom theme for her needs. It has a built in Twitter window to ensure she keep in touch with her audience and allows new customer to get flood advice easily.

Visit Mary Dhonau Flood Consultants site


This was a joint project while working with Parker Wilks Marketing Company. Together we were asked to completely revamp the ITRI website and their Resource library. Hidden Cortex did a full redesign and built the site basically from the ground up.

This is a responsive site using wordpress at its heart as the CMS, it has a easy search function for publicly accessible resources, staff contact details with straightforward pop-up window access and accordion drop-down menu items. Moreover the Breadcrumbs page navigation makes it easy to browse through the site and find just what the user is looking for.

Visit ITRI Labs site

Parkerwilks Marketing

Andrew Wilks, CEO of Parkerwilks Marketing, wanted a complete revamp of his site and came to Hidden Cortex to develop this. This was a very rewarding project and in the process allowed us to build a solid working relationship between the companies. Hidden Cortex now is commissioned to develop future sites for this company.

The site is fully responsive, with tailor made menus and interactive call to action buttons. This bespoke wordpress theme allows the user to choose between three different page/post layouts and highly customizable sidebar options. Fancybox pop-up windows makes for attractive image galleries and a very interactive experience for the user.

Visit Parkerwilks Marketing site

Herts Visual Arts

Working with web development agency Enterprise AB Ltd this was a design project creating a brand new look and feel for the Herts Visual Arts website. They wanted a modern, clean design that allowed artists to showcase their work, while also allowing HVA to promote gallery shows and events.

The site is design to be completely mobile friendly, encouraging users to use all devices to view content and meaning it will look great no matter what screen size you view it from. Linked social media allows users to share beloved pieces of art, in addition to a custom homepage image slider allows latest events and artist’s work to be promoted, along with integrated Sign-up form and forthcoming events news. Artists pages are carefully coordinated so all categories of art are displayed in accordance with their specific area of design.

Visit Herts Visual Arts here